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Lessons & Reed Offerings

If you are interested in setting up lessons, please contact me through the contact form on this site OR through my email.

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30 Minute Private Lesson

45 Minute Private Lesson

60 Minute Private Lesson

Bassoon Reed

Reed Subscription




* The Reed Subscription Service guarantees at least 1-2 handcrafted reeds per month made by Shawn Karson. All reeds are sanitized prior to delivery.

Required Materials


- Weissenborn: Bassoon Method (for everyone)

- Milde Concert Studies (for TMEA All State Auditions)

General Materials

- At least 2 working reeds
- Pencil
- Journal/notetaking device
- Metronome
- Tuner

One of the best resources I cannot recommend enough is my former teacher, Kristin Wolfe Jensen's FREE book/website, Music and the Bassoon! 

*Other supplemental materials may be assigned per the needs of the student.

*Bocal Majority and Midwest Musical Imports are fantastic resources to purchase method books and any bassoon related products.

*Depending on the student’s progress, Shawn will assign and recommend appropriate method books
over time.

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